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raccoon dog

sy brand

feral raccoon dog

sy is a non-binary raccoon dog from edinburgh

when not rummaging through bins, they can be found writing about gender and relationships, or endlessly shitposting on twitter

toni velikova

cabbage swamp goblin

toni is a queer goblin who lives in a swamp

when not trying to sell discount mud to her goblin neighbours, she writes, works in a library and chomps on raw basil leaves

ugly cat?
chonky cat

em still

alley cat

em is an alley cat with no charm and cheese for brains

they write about class and queerness

sometimes they sneak into a uni to teach

siobhan carroll

trash seagull

when not eating rats, trash seagull siobhan writes, performs and steals chips from unwary leithers
seagull eating rat