issues submit about masthead


by Megan Sokol

How many times do I have to piss these sheets
Before I get some goddamn sleep.
I punch my vulva like that bitch owes me money
And yet there’s no bruises, no pain
One drop, two drop, three chocolate drops of THC
I watch a shitty telenovela,
Fast-forwarding until I see guns or crying
That’s 25% of the show.
But something has changed.
What is that I see?
Do my red bloodshot eyes deceive me?
Hath mine brain melted permanent?
Or does this intensely catholic show
Contain a singular lesbian
A sapphic creature
A woman that desires the flesh of her own sex??
My heart finds a joy lost
Even in this molting rotten flesh of a show
Lies even the smallest amount of precious gay
I can’t watch anymore. My journey has ended
Purpose was found in this discovery
The weighted blanket crushes my paralyzed body
Piss waits in the terminal of my broken bladder.
Euphoria flows.
Fuck these sheets