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idk existentialism and stuff

by Connor Orrico

I submitted an honest and from the heart poem
to a journal that literally said they almost always
take poems that are "honest" and "from the heart"
and they rejected it (as well as all the other shit
I sent about years of clinical depression and struggling
with suicide (standard dishonest topics) and things
I guess are never from the heart such as self-concept)
so I fucked that poem into meaninglessness 1 and then
that adaptation was accepted to a super experimental
journal so all of this is to say u luv to c that ur art rly
only matters if it doesnt actually matter frat bro hand emoji wiggle
(U+1F919, to be mysteriously experimental, my main value now).

1 this is the contrapositive of that same experimental poem
that was accepted, shared here to exemplify its immense stupidity:
m y uia ai ee eae eeie aiaie ea oae ae aai ey aea
eui eaeu iao ai aia ooay eae oiee aiae eia m e