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Letters to the one I love

by Iona Murphy

[Not naming names but if we had a flirty thing going on between ages 16-18 this is about u, pls don’t hate me. Let’s be real, you won’t read it because we haven’t had contact in literally years BUT if you do hope u like it as much as I liked u xoxo]

Dear you…
love from me.
A letter that you’ll never see
Every vein, blood vessel, cell in my very body
And I’m glad you’ll never see this,
And I’m glad you’ll never know,
that every essence of my being


My heart pounds in my chest
each beat makes me think of you
close my eyes- press play
re-run all our memories

On the Pier
waves crashing,
eyes meeting.
Two teenagers falling in love.

Fast forward – prom night,
dancing in the dark
pause in that moment,
when you and I nearly became us.

Press stop.


let our film end here,
the story of us ending on a ‘what if’…
not a never.
That climax comes tumbling
down and you lay there is the rubble of destruction
And those emotions you’ve bottled up come spilling out onto the page.
The heartbreak of distance.
The pain of what almost was.
The fragments of my heart shattering across the paper ad I try to rebuild
knowing what could have been.
An eruption of passion,
where I’m the only casualty.

It’s such a shame there’s no happy ending,
in the story of what almost was us.