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Winter rain in my muse-like homeland

by Paweł Markiewicz

the eyesome fay at the crack of dawn in winter

is weeping

the winter rain in the form of magnificent teardrops is dropping down

it is to be mesmerized in glaciated dreams of muses

the shepherd boy hears the falling of the more tender rain like meek tears


the docile Nixie by Christmas morning

is crying

the winter drops in terms of mignonne teardrops are falling down

it is becharmed in a snowy soul of muses

the child of a falconer tastes these Apollonianly meek drops



the meekly miraculous Siren at sunset glow


the winter snow - wonderfully tearling-shaped - falling down

it can be ensorcelled in frosted muse-like hearts

the druidical companion looks at flurries full weird of the tearlets



the magnanimous Sibyl at midnight in December


the winter snow-rain - marvelously tearlet-shaped - falling to the ground

it's worth being enchanted in the hazy fantasy of the muses

the guardian of Winter Queen's touches some Herculean traces of the rain





herculean forces

power of the endless winds

melancholy of the evening

my anxiety and your

beating of wolf's heart

all this creates my

fantasy with delightsome philandering and my

inner world of wonderful dew

which loves and worships

every sip of ambrosia




the temples of Zeus

there I found your

traces to the world of dreams

a dreamer - wolves

can also dream

but in the loneliness of the night

like any poet

loving endlessness

of a wasteland and of

a thousand diamond dreams









Noble hearts

of poets charm

existence and delights of Zeus

beautiful clouds and small clouds

as well as the whole sky of delightful swain

you have dreamed

wolf during memories

at dawn and morning fog

remember druids

and the heart of the poet




flocks of birds are flying off

the evening camp is dying

in the ancient temple

you have set up a poet

your temples of musing

of the philosophy

they love our magic

time and a dreamy

charm of a starlit heaven

with beauty of a hummingbird






in a happy cloud

there ancient

gods live with charm

though you cannot see their wolf

you have not seen

you have to believe me

in the clouds of a resplendent gentlefolk

the most sincere

feelings rule

there is a romantic silence





in the clouds of fantasy

fairy reigns - a dreamer

she conjures up

diamond rainbow

above the cloud

under the cloud

the herd of cranes is being

saturated with melancholy

the cloud long live

like poet and dawns










garden in the sun

the fruits ripening

bees are dancing as a muse – exquisite sentinel of dreams

you are watching the summer

the young wolf – friend of feelings

in the philosophical distance

the poet admiring this garden

a drop of eternity

he is writing a poem about

fulfilling melancholy




The autumn garden

the fruits were collected

you think about the new

spring the dreamer

blissful man

sometimes the fall

can perpetuate and color

garden with rainbow colors

like a springtide

fragrant with violets