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Three pop cultural references during a Grindr Hookup

by Andrés N Ordorica

"A hole is a hole..."
Love is love?

We laughed,
"But don't be silly
and wrap your willy!"

"While he pumped
deep inside,
I wondered
if a hoe was a hoe?"
(Carrie Bradshaw typing at her desk c. 1999)

"He had a bride
on the side,
and a kid
on the way."

"Love is love, "
he told me,
as we fucked,
"until it's gay."
(Harvey Milk c. the shot of James Franco's ass in the pool scene, 1977?!!!!)

"Then it's not."
I repeated it
for clarification,
"then it's not?"

He wiped me off,
looked me in the eyes
and said:
"Thanks, that was hot!"
(Paris Hilton c. 2003 voice)