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And I’ll keep on asking the stars to tell me what you meant

by Gabrielle Hill-Smith

You say you are not ready for love,
And I say I don’t know how,

You say they were meant to be
And I ask how we could be

Just let me in, let me closer,
let me take your hand
turn and face the world

Tonight we are barely breathing
Tonight we are hardly seeing
Anything except us two
All around us are constellations
And all we can see are supernovas
We were destined to chart the seas,
We were taught to take a chance
When we saw it
And we learnt to fly

I am bleeding out,
And your breathe is short,
But we know the future is longer that we hope it might be

I heard you talking about me, talking about me the other day,
I heard you saying “I could love somebody like her”

I heard some people talking about us the other day
I heard them saying “They could work”

Let us run down empty streets in the darkened night
Let us run and laugh with stars in our eyes

They say she is falling in love with him
But he has forgotten how to love